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Alabama International Universities, Colleges and Schools


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United States Universities, Colleges and Schools


University of South Alabama


United States Universities, Colleges and Schools


Study at University of North Alabama


USA-Making a Difference Alabama United States


United States Sports Academy Alabama United States


UNA has been listed in U. S. News and World Report's "America's Best Colleges" as an institution that offers a quality education at an affordable price... Read More


The University of South Alabama is located on a beautiful 1200-acre wooded site in the western part of Mobile, Alabama. USA boasts more than seventy buildings, all of modern design... Read More 


The United States Sports Academy, 'America's Sport University', is school of sport offering programs of instruction, research, and service, nationally and internationally... Read More






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Grants for International Students


Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) Alabama United States


Study at Alabama State University College of Business Administration


If you?ve decided to get your degree from a school outside the U.S., congratulations. Now let us help you find out which schools participate in the federal student aid programs ....  Read More


The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) serves the US Air Force and Department of Defense by helping enlisted personnel obtain an accredited Associate in Applied Science Degree...  Read More


The mission of the College of Business Administration is teaching/coaching to prepare students for managerial and leadership careers in the management...  Read More






United States Universities, Colleges and Schools


United States Universities, Colleges and Schools



Columbia Southern University   Computer Science at Faulkner University Alabama   Visas for International Students

Columbia Southern University (CSU) is one of the nation's first completely online universities.  CSU was developed to meet the demand for alternatives to the traditional university experience... Read More 


Computer Science is an exciting and rewarding discipline. It is an attractive major for the in-coming freshman and also for the continuing student who is considering a new field of study...  Read More 


Visa application instructions for students considering studyig in the United States. Learn about additional instructions, such as how to pay the visa application processing fee...  Read More 



Alabama Quick Facts:


Alabama's three climatic divisions are the lower coastal plain, largely subtropical and strongly influenced by the Gulf of Mexico; the northern plateau, marked by occasional snowfall in winter; and the Black Belt and upper coastal plain, lying between the two extremes.


Alabama is a Native American language, spoken by the Alabama-Coushatta tribe of Texas. It was once spoken by the Alabama-Quassarte Tribal Town of Oklahoma, but there are no more Alabama speakers in Oklahoma. It is a Muskogean language, and is believed to have been related to the Muklasa and Tuskegee languages, which are no longer extant.


The United States dollar, denoted by USD or the symbol $, is the official currency used in the United States. Commonly referred to as the "American dollar," the currency is divided into 100 cents (symbol ?).


Alabama ranked 23rd in population among the 50 states with an estimated total of 4,486,508 in 2002, an increase of 0.9% since 2000. Between 1990 and 2000, Alabama's population grew from 4,040,587 to 4,447,100, an increase of 10.1%. The population is projected to reach 4,631,000 by 2005 and 5,200,000 by 2025.
Capital City:
Montgomery is the capital, second most populous city,[1] and the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the Southern US state of Alabama, and is the county seat of Montgomery County.
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